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Succesful Lebanese Food & Wine tasting nights in London

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Wissam Touma one of the Touma brothers visited us here in  England between the 13 - 16 of May.

It was a pleasure to have him with us at two tastings in London. 

1. Dock Kitchen Restaurant London on the 13th of may, please visit www.dockkitchen.co.uk for more details.
2. Meejana London on the 14th may. please visit  www.meejana.co.uk  for more details.

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We had two very nice events inspite of the short notice we were lucky to have the company of some lovely food and wine lovers satying till late trying the new Chateau Heritage Wines and enjoying the Lovely food of Dock Kitchen and Meejana.
So thanks to all those who attended and we promise next time to give enough advance notice to our friends who would like to join us at these tastings.


Lebanon & Wine

Lebanon produces wines that are regarded as some of the best in the world, a status well recognised by those in the industry, and we are happy to offer you a selection of wines from the Heritage Winery in the fertile Bekka Valley.The Heritage winery is owned by the Touma Family. Dr Dargham Touma is the passionate driving force behind these stunning, full bodied and complex wines. For over 120 years the family mainly focused on producing Arak, the famous national drink. Today Touma is immersed in the art of wine making and his wines are receiving international awards.

Food Products

We have added food products to our range.
A selection of authentic Lebanese products that are natural, full flavour and cooked in small batches in the traditional home style cooking.

Please contact us to find you a shop near you where you can find our products.
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